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Justice for Sarah Villa: Taking the Judge Rotenberg Center to Court

Image description: Sarah Villa, a young black woman, with a black eye on the right side of her face as well as cuts around her eye looking away from the camera.

Sarah Villa, a young woman from California with multiple disabilities, attended the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) for slightly more than three months during the 2017-2018 school year. During that time, however, she was restrained over forty times, subjected to verbal and emotional abuse by staff members, and ultimately punched in the eye by a staff member, resulting in a concussion. The staff member in question, Devon Martinez, had worked at JRC for nearly a decade at the time of the assault.

When she got out of the hospital and returned home, it quickly became clear that the trauma she experienced at JRC had, if anything, made what she had been struggling with leading up to her placement there even harder.

Sarah and her parents, Marie and Johnny Villa, are now seeking to hold both Mr. Martinez and the JRC accountable through the courts for their violation of their duty to properly care for her during her stay, her civil rights, and her bodily autonomy.

You can find a copy of the complaint HERE.