Payment Policies

Legal Fees

Quality legal representation should be available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay.  While I can only take on a limited number of pro bono (unpaid) cases, I'm open to negotiating a fair price and payment schedule with depending on your ability to pay. 

The type of fees I ask for will depend on the type of case.  For some cases like name changes, I'll ask for a flat rate.  In other cases, such as representing you or a family member in a case against a school or treatment facility, I'll likely ask for a retainer fee that will allow me to afford to take on your case.  Unfortunately, I can't pay court costs such as filing fees out of pocket.  Either you'll have to send me the money separate from the fee, or we'll work in that amount as part of the overall fee agreement.  You may qualify for a fee waiver through the courts depending on your income.

No matter what we work out, I'll send you a letter explaining what we agreed on for you to sign and return to me.  You'll always have the option to ask me questions or point out anything inaccurate before signing.

Speaking Fees

I provide presentations and trainings for colleges, universities, advocacy organizations, and conferences on social justice, law, and professional practice topics related to my practice.  Like with my legal practice, I operate on a sliding scale basis depending on the type of presentation, your oganization's resources, and the location of the event.  At minimum, I ask that clients outside of Western Massachusetts cover the cost of travel, including transportation, lodging and meals.


You can help me continue providing affordable legal services and working on impact litigation by making a donation at the link at the top of this page.  In the interests of full disclosure, my law practice isn't a nonprofit organization, and your donation isn't tax deductible.  Still, it makes a difference, and every bit counts.

Payment Methods

I accept payment in cash, by check or direct deposit, or through PayPal.

Lateness & Cancellation

Unless we decide on another payment schedule and include it in a written agreement, payment is due within 30 days of my finishing the work we agreed on.  After that period, or whatever due date we decided on, I charge an additional $25 per month as a late fee unless there's an emergency that affects your ability to pay.  This applies to both legal representation and speaking engagements, regardless of whether you're an individual client or an organization.

If I agree to represent you in a legal matter, I'll keep any amount of money you pay me upfront in a client trust account separate from my business or personal accounts, and will only take it out as needed to pay for litigation costs or once I've earned it through my work.  If for whatever reason I can't finish your case or you no longer want to work with me, we'll come to another agreement about a fair price for the work I've already done based on the circumstances.  Likewise, if I'm late in finishing work in a way that hurts your case (such as missing a filing deadline), we'll renegotiate to lower my fee based on the seriousness of the issue.

For speaking engagements, the party who cancels will have to pay the other's costs.  For instance, if your organization cancels after I've already paid for a plane ticket, I'll need to be reimbursed, while if I'm the one who cancels, I'll be responsible for any difference in having to find a replacement speaker on short notice. 

In any case, I'll return or pay I owe you within 30 days, subject to the same $25 monthly late fee on my end.