Defending Freedom & Seeking Justice

Areas of Legal Practice



Freedom is a critical part of mental health, and being hospitalized against your will can be disruptive to your life if not downright traumatic.  If you're facing involuntary commitment, I'll fight fiercely to help you get out as soon as possible so you can seek help on your own terms.


For many transgender people, having IDs that reflect our real name and gender identity is a key part of living safely and authentically.  I'd be glad to assist you in changing your name and gender marker on your birth certificate, state ID, U.S. passport, Social Security card, and other records.

guardianship defense

Guardianship has been called "civil death" because of how it limits someone's basic human rights such as voting, marriage, and choosing where to live.  In representing you against a guardianship petition, I'll advocate for alternative types of support that won't require you to sacrifice your rights.


Schools and treatment facilities are supposed to help people, but too often allow widespread abuse and neglect.  Whether it's in response to a failure to address bullying or mistreatment by staff, I'll work with you and your loved ones to seek accountability from those that let it happen.

treatment order defense

Control over our own bodies is possibly the most important right we have.  Yet people with disabilities can lose this right through court orders for involuntary treatment.  I trust that only you can know what's best for you, and will zealously defend your right to make your own medical decision.


Young people live under a lot more restrictions than nearly any other group of people, to the point that they can be brought to court for being "stubborn."  In representing you in a Child Requiring Assistance case, I strive to shift the focus from improving your behavior to improving your situation.